Urban Design Studio is not only a creative marketing and brand agency. Partnering with brands to help them connect with their target audience. We do this through exquisite creative design, engagement through exploratory events and social media marketing, and public relations.

Prior to forming Urban Design Studio, our team spent quality time working in the corporate world.

Even then, our individual triumphs were the result of our intrapreneurship approach to solving problems, creating a buzz, and engaging the customer through unconventional methods

In order to deliver on our promise to our clients, we do have a passionate core team.

Looking for some fresh & unconventional ideas around your brand, to help promote your business? We’d love to meet with you and learn about ways we can help elevate your company to new heights. We may or may not be the right fit for your organization, but we’ll never know if we never meet !! So, give us a call and let’s chat a bit.

Restaurants / Lounges : Olive Group, Moets, Kwality Group, The Barbeque Company, Raftaar Bar & Lounge, Big Boyz Lounge, Tamasha, Warehouse Cafe, Locale, Playground (Chandigarh) & Mocha (Chandigarh), Wokman, Local Palate, Fengshuii, DineArt, Mughal Dinesty, Dinesty;
Dessert Boutique : Whipped, Sweet Obsession ;
Hotels : Clarks Inn & Hotel Icon, Chandigarh, Surya Grand, Clay 1 Grill;
Realotors : APS Group, Tricity, Chandigarh

Social Media Marketing 93%

Web Development 87%

Designing 91%

Marketing Strategy 84%

Graphics Design


We understand the importance of visuals and how it enhances your brand’s corporate identity, hence, we brainstorm the best ideas for your brand whether it be for your next Facebook post or a flyer

web design (ux/ui)


The key part, which is the logo and the website reflect the perception of your brand in the minds of the customers. Our team works on understanding each brand’s needs and develop UI/UX for them

web development


Our team comprises of professionals who can handle your HTML and CSS like a pro! So worry no more about those complicated codes as we’ll bring out the best for you.

wordpress development


- From providing services for PHP and MySQL to providing innovative ideas and debugging web applications. Let your blogs do the talking for you and even do some marketing!

branding identity


Your brand identity lets you connect with your customers in the way you want. The logo, tagline, tone, all contribute towards making your brand more appealing and helps to connect with your target market.

highly customizable


Creating something with the exact design, layout and theme can be a challenge, but definitely worth it. Every brands aims to be unique and we support it with our work and diligence.


Our company focuses on providing it’s clients with services like web development, wordpress development, brand identity, social media marketing, web design (ui/ux) and graphic designing. Other than that, our team puts in their full efforts to build the brand value of our client and up their market game. By associating with Urban Design Studio, one not only enters to render services but also witnesses a commitment which will help their brand grow


Yes, we’re here to listen! Reach out to us for business, media, and career. Our team is available for you, to welcome your ideas, answer your queries and create something unique. So what are you waiting for?
Look out for details below or fill out the query form.
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B-133 Duggal Colony, Khanpur, New Delhi - 110062

+91 98717 15894

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